COVID-19 Pandemic Policy


Should a pandemic or epidemic affect our community, the library will comply with requests from the Clinton County Health Department, Indiana State Department of Health, and the CDC to assist in checking the spread of the virus. This may involve closing the library facilities for the duration of the crisis. Staff illness may also force closing for a period of time.

In the event the library is closed as part of a quarantine implementation:

Staff will be instructed to stay home for the duration of the quarantine period.

All events scheduled to take place in library facilities will be cancelled.

Every attempt will be made to maintain electronic resources and services to provide information and recreation for the public.

The library will use social media channels to communicate restrictions to the public.

Some staff members may be required to report to library facilities for various reasons. Examples would include maintenance staff needed to clean the property, management staff needed to direct operations and process payrolls, etc.

Full-time staff will continue to be paid at their normal rates.

Part-time staff will be paid for time they would normally have worked.

Library facilities will be made available to public health officials to be used as staging, screening, or treatment sites, or for other purposes to help protect the safety and welfare of the public.

Overdue fees for borrowed library materials will be waived for the duration of the closing.

If the library remains open:

Staff members will be expected to report for work as usual.

Staff will be allowed to use PTO time, assuming they have accumulated enough.

However, some staff members may find it necessary to stay home:

because they are ill.

are needed to care for dependents.

are quarantined because of illness in the household.

In such cases, individuals will be required to use PTO or unpaid personal leave.

Staff who are ill and report to work will be sent home and required to use PTO or unpaid personal leave.





The following key staff members have agreed to work, if they are needed, during a pandemic when the library system is closed. Other staff members may be requested to work as needed.


Adult & Youth Services Librarian

Children’s Librarian                                                                                     Policy adopted March 20, 2020