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Gifts and Loans to the Museum

Gifts to the Local History Museum will be considered on an individual basis by the Library Director and the Library Board of Trustees. Gifts and donated items will be accepted only with the understanding that ownership transfers immediately and unconditionally to the LHM of the Library. Items loaned for display in the Local History Museum will be marked as such, and remain the sole responsibility of the owner of the property.


History of the Museum

The Local History Museum opened in 1986 in conjunction with Colfax’s Ole Hickory Days Festival. With support from the Colfax Town Council and the Ole Hickory Days Festival Committee, our collection of antique furniture, school photographs, trophies, yearbooks & class newspapers, graduation announcements (c.1898-1945), family photographs, ledgers, books & memorabilia is a cherished display, invoking curiosity and remembrance.

Surnames of early visionary Ole Hickory Days Committee members and townspeople must be credited as founders of today’s C-PTPL Local History Museum – Ferguson, Rusk, Clouser, Hankins, Hoffman, Flowers, Harrison, Padgett, Oswalt, Larsh, Ream, Eaton, and Mullikan.

The name for the festival is derived from the 1927 J & S Hickory Manufacturing Company.